$69 How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card for New Patients in Santa Cruz CA

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 Get Your New Medical Marijuana Card in Santa Cruz California

Cannabis has been proven beneficial for a multitude of medical conditions – Are you a potentially new patient to medicinal marijuana and  considering obtaining your Santa Cruz CA medical marijuana recommendation card? The PureCann Marijuana Doctors can evaluate you to determine if your medical condition qualifies according to the California Cannabis Laws.  We make the process easy for you.

4 Easy Steps to Qualify for a Medical Cannabis Cards

It’s quick & easy, proceed with the following:

Step 1. Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with a registered California medical marijuana professional.  It is very important to find an experienced, reliable qualifier or your time can be wasted. A simple search online will do and if you are reading this, you are already in the right place.  The PureCann Medical Clinic for marijuana evaluations in Santa Cruz is a top qualifier and conveniently located for anyone seeking a cannabis evaluation near Santa Cruz. We also evaluate renewal cannabis cards from Santa Cruz California.

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The PureCann clinic can answer any questions regarding the process of obtaining your medical marijuana license.  Come to our Santa Cruz location during our open office hours to get your free cannabis evaluation – pay only if you qualify.  You need to bring your valid California state ID card or a valid California driver’s license. Click here if you don’t have one of these items.

Step 2. Obtain your Medical Records

This is a very important step in seeking your certificate. Under HIPPA Law you have the right to your medical records so call you doctor to obtain copies and bring them to your medical marijuana qualifying professional. If you do not have medical records, you can still be seen by the qualifying professional at the PureCann Clinic, but medical records may be required.

Step 3 The receptionist at the front desk will ask for ID and give you paperwork. Once you complete and return the paperwork, the doctor will call your name. This can take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes.
Step 4 The doctor will give you a free evaluation to see if you qualify. There is no charge if you don’t qualify under the California Marijuana Laws. If you qualify then your cost will be $59.00 for your medical marijuana card (recommendation), which is active for immediate use and valid for one full year.


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